Who Do You Turn To For Help With Your “Character Building Experiences?”

I recently read a synopsis of a study that demonstrated that people receive a more empathic response from someone who has not been through a particular difficult experience than from someone who had survived something similar. At first glance, it seems counterintuitive. After all, who knows how rough it is better than someone who hasContinue reading “Who Do You Turn To For Help With Your “Character Building Experiences?””

The Limitations of Empathy

“Put yourself in his or her shoes,” I often find myself saying to my students in order to encourage them to respond kindly and with compassion. And in some cases, that works, especially when the recipient of my advice has had a similar experience to that of the student in question. If I’m asking aContinue reading “The Limitations of Empathy”

Igniting the Conversation

Relationship trauma will do strange things to you. With my ex, I was never timid about initiating a conversation about a potentially difficult topic. I would even wake him up so that we could talk before I went off to work if I didn’t want to carry the burden and fear of the issue allContinue reading “Igniting the Conversation”

Ever Been Told, “You Shouldn’t Feel That Way?”

You shouldn’t feel that way. Get over it. You’re overreacting. Have you ever heard any of those statements? Those remarks that leave you angry and confused. Hackles up, yet questioning if the other person is right? Why do people make those remarks? Is it out of ignorance or attack? Are they trying to help orContinue reading “Ever Been Told, “You Shouldn’t Feel That Way?””