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You Don’t Need to Understand To Be Able to Move On

“I just don’t understand how he could do that to his wife and kids…” “Her words and actions are so cold. I just don’t get it…” “How can someone have so little regard for...


Who Do You Turn To For Help With Your “Character Building Experiences?”

I recently read a synopsis of a study that demonstrated that people receive a more empathic response from someone who has not been through a particular difficult experience than from someone who had survived...


The Limitations of Empathy

“Put yourself in his or her shoes,” I often find myself saying to my students in order to encourage them to respond kindly and with compassion. And in some cases, that works, especially when...


How to Apply Labels

As a teacher, I am quite familiar with the application of labels. Each summer, prior to ever meeting my new students, I study the rosters. Many of the names have associated labels next to...



Sometimes there are no words that can provide comfort. Sometimes there is no understanding to be found. Sometimes all we have is a relieved embrace and a reminder to treasure every moment.

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