The Elephant in the Room: How to Talk to Those Experiencing Grief

When bad things happen to good people, we’re often at a loss of how to respond and what to say. The loss becomes the elephant in the room – too unwieldy to discuss yet too big to ignore. Here are some thoughts on how to talk to people who are dealing with loss or tragedy:Continue reading “The Elephant in the Room: How to Talk to Those Experiencing Grief”

Baptism By Tears

September 12, 2001 was my first day in a classroom as a teacher. I walked into that classroom still shocky and raw, my face puffy and eyes red from a sleepless night spent watching the news. My body protested its now-upward stance, wanting to re-establish the fetal curl that it had formed for the lastContinue reading “Baptism By Tears”

Fear in the Driver’s Seat

When tragedies happen, we seek understanding. We want to diagnose and cure. We often try to control our surroundings and the actions of others. We want to feel safe. It’s a basic need. That desire for security is so primal, so strong, that it can cause us to behave irrationally. I experienced this myself inContinue reading “Fear in the Driver’s Seat”