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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Tips for Surviving a Malignant Divorce

Divorces are never easy; lives are torn asunder, feelings are trampled and insecurities raised, and both parties are left with a great sense of loss and often failure.  Some divorces turn ugly, with both partners lashing out at each other, trying desperately to hold onto the children, home, or things from the marriage.  Yet othersContinue reading “Tips for Surviving a Malignant Divorce”

I’ve Buried the Hatchet, but I’ve Marked its Location

Forgiveness is such a loaded word. It requires an acceptance of someone’s actions.  Actions that may be horrific, born from unknown motivations. Forgiveness was on my mind soon after I received the text that ended my marriage.  According to the platitudes I had always heard, I needed to forgive him.  It was the right thingContinue reading “I’ve Buried the Hatchet, but I’ve Marked its Location”

If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band

One of the responses I frequently get to my story is, “What an idiot for getting caught.”  He wasn’t an idiot, but he certainly underestimated me. In my former life, I had a tendency to want to turn away from anything scary or ugly.  My ex obviously knew this, and he exploited it towards theContinue reading “If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band”

Dear Ms. Manners: The Etiquette of Bigamy

Like most people, I never though much about bigamy.  If pressed on the issue, I would have mentioned Showtime’s Big Love, where one man has several wives and they operate as a single family.  When bigamy entered into my life, it was so absurd, so out there, that the only way that I could respondContinue reading “Dear Ms. Manners: The Etiquette of Bigamy”

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