He had lost himself.  Somewhere along the way, he no longer knew who he was.  Did the depression come first, leading him astray?  Or did the depression tag along, following the self out the door?  Regardless  of the order, he was left a shell.  Rather than face the void and explore its dark depths, heContinue reading “A(void)”

A Strange Place to Be

Note: If you are not familiar with my basic story, please read this first so you have some context. I received an email the other day from someone, let’s just call him P, proposing an opportunity that would be very beneficial for me as a writer (chugging away on the book every day!!!) and asContinue reading “A Strange Place to Be”

If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band

One of the responses I frequently get to my story is, “What an idiot for getting caught.”  He wasn’t an idiot, but he certainly underestimated me. In my former life, I had a tendency to want to turn away from anything scary or ugly.  My ex obviously knew this, and he exploited it towards theContinue reading “If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band”

Signs in the Rearview Mirror

How could I be with someone for 16 years and not realize he was leading a double life?  I have asked myself that question more times than I want to admit.  It dominated my thoughts for a long time; how could I be so blind?  So foolish? So naive? My marriage was a familiar road,Continue reading “Signs in the Rearview Mirror”