A follow up to Facing the Dragon:   Sleep has come in fits and spurts. I’m in a fit right now. Eating hasn’t come at all. My body is still in lockdown.   I hate this physical reaction.  At least now, it’s purely physical. Seeing him felt more like facing an attacker than a lover.Continue reading “Raw”

Who Is He?

The search engines have been busy the past couple of days answering queries about the identity of my ex-husband. I get it. You’re curious. It’s human nature. You want to scan his face and peer into his eyes looking for clues into his actions. I know, because I have done just that. Perhaps you wantContinue reading “Who Is He?”

Preventative Medicine

  There is one question that I am frequently asked that I find difficult to answer.   “What advice can you give to others to keep this from happening to them?”   I wish I could dispense some nugget of wisdom that would alert to an impending tsunami divorce. I would love to be ableContinue reading “Preventative Medicine”

If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band

One of the responses I frequently get to my story is, “What an idiot for getting caught.”  He wasn’t an idiot, but he certainly underestimated me. In my former life, I had a tendency to want to turn away from anything scary or ugly.  My ex obviously knew this, and he exploited it towards theContinue reading “If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band”