How to Rewrite Your Divorce Story

When divorce happens, it can leave you feeling like a failure. Powerless and adrift in your life. It's easy to internalize these feelings, to recite them to yourself as if they were gospel. But what might happen if you change your story? Take back your power? And rewrite your divorce? Learn the steps you need … Continue reading How to Rewrite Your Divorce Story

Your Story Matters

We make sense of the world through stories. I grew up in a church with a very talented pastor. Although I hated sitting through most of the Sunday morning service with its words that were meaningless to me at the time and the repetition that dulled my senses, I always looked forward to the fifteen … Continue reading Your Story Matters

My Story – Part 2

Please watch Part 1 first:) Thanks for the positive feedback on the first video. I thought it might give a more "human" feel to the story and I'm glad to see that that seems to be the case. I want to address a couple points. First, I┬ádon't consider myself brave. I just think there is … Continue reading My Story – Part 2

My Story – Part 1

And then check out Part 2.

Write Yourself Through Divorce

Divorce is disorienting. You find yourself topsy-turvy in a world suddenly devoid of sense and reason. It is though the book of your life was suddenly ripped in two and you are standing midway through the story with no idea where the narrative goes next. Those are scary days but they are also moments filled … Continue reading Write Yourself Through Divorce