When Was the Last Time You Did Something That Scares You?

“Try it, maybe you’ll like it,” a parental figure probably pronounced to you at the dinner table some time during your youth. Your young brain, fueled by the anticipation of disgust, immediately kicked up reasons to avoid the offending food. Maybe you claimed to have tried it and disliked it. Perhaps you asserted that itContinue reading “When Was the Last Time You Did Something That Scares You?”

Your Story Matters

We make sense of the world through stories. I grew up in a church with a very talented pastor. Although I hated sitting through most of the Sunday morning service with its words that were meaningless to me at the time and the repetition that dulled my senses, I always looked forward to the fifteenContinue reading “Your Story Matters”

Edit Your Personal Narrative

Did you ever have one of your English papers passed back filled with red marks; edits and deletions shaping your original script into something more cohesive and descriptive? If you’re at all like me, you first reacted with a bit of defensiveness tinged with embarrassment – “I thought the paper was good.” But then, uponContinue reading “Edit Your Personal Narrative”

Lose Your Illusion

(Any Guns ‘n Roses fans smiling at the title?) Brock and I caught the second half of a show on Discovery last night about how easy it is to fool the brain. The first segment we saw had volunteers sitting at a table with their right arms hidden from sight behind a screen. A fakeContinue reading “Lose Your Illusion”