How the Language We Use Reveals Our Assumptions

I was working on a post about relationships that begin with infidelity the other day when I found myself at a loss. Unless I’m sharing my personal story, I try to write from as much as a gender-neutral perspective as possible. I typed the phrase, “Mistress or …” waiting for the masculine version of theContinue reading “How the Language We Use Reveals Our Assumptions”

Edit Your Personal Narrative

Did you ever have one of your English papers passed back filled with red marks; edits and deletions shaping your original script into something more cohesive and descriptive? If you’re at all like me, you first reacted with a bit of defensiveness tinged with embarrassment – “I thought the paper was good.” But then, uponContinue reading “Edit Your Personal Narrative”

Search and Rescue

I love to look at the words and phrases entered into search engines that lead people to my blog. Some make me laugh. Others make me  want to reach out across the internet and give the typer a hug. And still others make me want to shake the questioner, hoping to inspire some common sense.Continue reading “Search and Rescue”