Authentic Cubic Zirconia

He drops to his knee. Reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small box. As it opens, you catch the unmistakable sparkle of a diamond. Or is it? Perhaps it is merely the suggestion of a diamond, manufactured crystal crafted to resemble the real thing. So answer this – Which would you rather receiveContinue reading “Authentic Cubic Zirconia”

Of Teddy Bears and Security Systems

For most of my married life, I felt secure. I had a husband that I trusted. I owned a home and had been at the same job for many years. I felt comfortable in my life; I trusted that change, if desired, would come from intention. It was predictable and I liked that. If youContinue reading “Of Teddy Bears and Security Systems”

Lose Your Illusion

(Any Guns ‘n Roses fans smiling at the title?) Brock and I caught the second half of a show on Discovery last night about how easy it is to fool the brain. The first segment we saw had volunteers sitting at a table with their right arms hidden from sight behind a screen. A fakeContinue reading “Lose Your Illusion”