Going “No Contact” – What Are the Benefits?

Are you debating if “no contact” is the best decision for you after a divorce or a breakup? This strategy has benefits for many people. Here are some of the common advantages:   It Helps You Establish and Maintain Your Personal Power For all of us, the lines between “me” and “we” can become blurredContinue reading “Going “No Contact” – What Are the Benefits?”

Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love

I’ve always considered myself a smart person. And so, when I was confronted with the harsh reality of how stupid I was in my first marriage, it was a tough reality to accept. How could I be SO dumb when it comes to love? 1 – Smart People Are Still Subject to the Addictive NatureContinue reading “Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love”

I Was Married to a Con Man

I thought he loved me. It turned out that he was more con man than confidant.  If my husband had been Pinocchio, his nose would have been a giant redwood. While we were married, I thought he was a real boy. Once he disappeared, I learned otherwise. My husband and I used to watch “Lost”Continue reading “I Was Married to a Con Man”

Taking the Long View

Yesterday was a big day for me. After two decades of carrying the burden, I finally paid off the last of my student loans. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in Discover’s response to the zero balance. I wasn’t expecting anything too major, maybe just some balloons dropping down from the ceiling,Continue reading “Taking the Long View”