Divorce Tool Box

In my second year of college, I took a psychology of grief class. I signed up because I needed another psych credit but also to help me understand my own experiences at that point with grief and loss. One of the first images in the textbook was the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory, a scale that quantifiesContinue reading “Divorce Tool Box”

Our Bodies Lie to Us

Our bodies lie to us. They send out hormones announcing an imminent threat to our well being when we take the podium or when we get into an argument with a loved one. Our heart rate increases at the thought of taking a test, and our immune system is compromised because of a noisy environment.Continue reading “Our Bodies Lie to Us”

Lost and Found

Something about the new year puts me (and I’m sure many others) in a reflective mood. Four years ago, I was just starting to awaken from the life-of-the-living-dead state that was my norm during the divorce. At that time, I was feeling the great losses in my life and I had not yet truly begunContinue reading “Lost and Found”

S**t Where You Eat

My cat is displeased. Perhaps it’s the stress of the move. Or something she does not quite like about the new home. Or the new litter box is the wrong shade of blue. Or maybe she has also developed a basement phobia. Regardless of the reason, she is not happy and she is letting meContinue reading “S**t Where You Eat”