How Do You Respond to Stress?

My plants are stressed. After the crazy cool of July 4, Atlanta has settled in to a solid month of above-average temperatures and below-average rainfall. And my plants don’t like it. Some have responded by going dormant, their bodies shrinking upon themselves and all thoughts of growth or blooms shuttered for the season. But othersContinue reading “How Do You Respond to Stress?”

The Forgotten Lesson

Sometimes I miss the year of tear-stained cheeks. Not the piercing pain. Or the perpetual confusion. And definitely not the ever-vigilant fear. But the constant reminder of what really matters. And what is just noise. It was like the trauma itself acted as a filter. In order for something to register, it had to beContinue reading “The Forgotten Lesson”

Survival School

I’m in survival mode at school right now. And that little prepositional phrase, “at school” is so much more important than its brevity and simplicity suggests. You see, six years ago, that sentence would not have ended with that phrase even though school was the source of the stress. Because survival mode in one areaContinue reading “Survival School”