Forgiveness 101

Forgiveness. That word is often tossed about in hushed and almost reverent tones. It is the holy grail of one betrayed. Have you forgiven yet? We feel pushed to reach that nirvana, yet we are unsure how to navigate the labyrinthine path that leads us there. Nor are we even sure that we would recognizeContinue reading “Forgiveness 101”

Shift Happens

I do an 1 1/2 hour power 2 hot yoga class on Sunday mornings.  I have attended this class regularly since January, but it still takes me right to the edge of what I can endure.  Yesterday’s class was an interesting lesson for me.  I went into the class physically prepared: hydrated, rested, not tooContinue reading “Shift Happens”

5 Things Which Require More Flexibility Than Yoga

Divorce certainly takes flexibility, mental contortions.  Your life partner has become an enemy, stranger, platonic friend, or some combination of the three.  You have to go from seeing yourself as half of a package deal to solo, ties to no other.  You may be negotiating how to parent children when the parents no longer shareContinue reading “5 Things Which Require More Flexibility Than Yoga”

Taming the Monkey Mind: Graduation Day

This all started with a 28 day meditation challenge.  It has actually been 32 days since I began; I added a few days to make up for the two that I missed during my camping trip. So, I guess the first question should be if I consider my monkey mind trained after a month ofContinue reading “Taming the Monkey Mind: Graduation Day”