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Taming the Monkey Mind: Taking the Monkey for a Ride

My monkey mind has been unruly of late. It’s been delivering excuses to refrain from sitting quietly faster than McDonald’s serves up burgers. And the excuses are about as palatable. I could list those...


Taming the Monkey Mind: Misbehavin’ Monkey

My monkey has been misbehaving recently. It snuck up on me; I didn’t even realize it until he threw a tantrum last night. About unfolded clothes and unwashed dishes. Yeah, silly, I know. Talk...


Taming the Monkey Mind: Taking the Monkey Back to School

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a bit since my last monkey mind post. This is my confession – I have been neglecting the monkey. Not so much that he has...


Taming the Monkey Mind: Embracing the Monkey

Last Saturday, we took advantage of the annual Brew at the Zoo (a kid-free zoo!) and enjoyed an outing to the local menagerie.  I found myself drawn to the gorillas, who were quietly surveying...


Taming the Monkey Mind: My Monkey’s Flinging Poo

Yesterday was a frustrating day at work.  We had to cancel a fun activity for the kids at the last minute due to weather.  Now, I am sure this will come as a complete...

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