Taming the Monkey Mind: My Monkey’s Flinging Poo

Yesterday was a frustrating day at work.  We had to cancel a fun activity for the kids at the last minute due to weather.  Now, I am sure this will come as a complete and utter shock to you, but middle school students do not react well to change.  Especially change that requires they attendContinue reading “Taming the Monkey Mind: My Monkey’s Flinging Poo”

Taming the Monkey Mind: Experimenting on the Monkey

What?  You didn’t think that my ruminations on my monkey mind were going away just because I completed the 28 day challenge, did you?  Of course not; this monkey demands attention and gets ornery if he’s ignored for too long. First, a disclaimer:  No monkeys were harmed or experimented on in the making of thisContinue reading “Taming the Monkey Mind: Experimenting on the Monkey”

Taming the Monkey Mind: Graduation Day

This all started with a 28 day meditation challenge.  It has actually been 32 days since I began; I added a few days to make up for the two that I missed during my camping trip. So, I guess the first question should be if I consider my monkey mind trained after a month ofContinue reading “Taming the Monkey Mind: Graduation Day”

Taming the Monkey Mind: Shaving the Monkey

No, not literally!  What do you take me for?  Some kind of simian-obsessed stylist?  But seriously, if you do decide to remove a little extra fur from a particularly hirsute monkey, I recommend you use a razor as opposed to a depilatory cream.  Monkeys tend to fling things and Nair in the eye would probablyContinue reading “Taming the Monkey Mind: Shaving the Monkey”