I Feel Sad

Are you feeling sad after divorce? Divorce is a death of a marriage. A death of the future. A death of your present. And, in some cases, a death of the past you thought you had. Like any death, there is an intense sense of loss. Of mourning. I remember feeling the aching void leftContinue reading “I Feel Sad”

Break-Up Advice You Haven’t Heard

There is no shortage of advice on how to survive a breakup, whether it be a brief dalliance or a decades-long marriage. Much of the advice is sound and can help provide hope and perspective as you face heartbreak. However, when you are facing the intense pain and loneliness of the end of a relationship,Continue reading “Break-Up Advice You Haven’t Heard”

Digital Dumps

So, I guess ending a relationship via text is now an acceptable thing. At least that’s what this article from Psychology Today seems to suggest. The piece calls ending it via text “tacky,” yet seems to feel that is a justifiable way for the man (is this always done by men?) to initiate a break-up.Continue reading “Digital Dumps”

When Will I Feel Better?

“When will I feel better?” This is perhaps the question I hear the most often. And it is also the most difficult question to answer. Because there is no single answer. Healing does not speak calendar. Feeling better has nothing to do with lunar cycles or landmark anniversaries. It operates on a different timeline forContinue reading “When Will I Feel Better?”