Rewriting the End of a Relationship

We often underestimate the power we have to change our own lives. Even when circumstances resist change, we can alter our perceptions and our responses. This is a piece I wrote for the Good Men Project about reframing the end of a relationship. About seeing the loss in a new light. About taking back the reigns and driving your own life. Read it and be inspired to rewrite the end of your relationship. Because every ending holds the seed to a new beginning.

Let it grow.


Rewriting the End of a Relationship

When a relationship ends, it is natural to focus on what is lost, to fully submerge in the heartache and mourn the departed. It is all too easy to become so mired in the sadness that the end of a relationship is extrapolated to mean the end of so much more. But that’s just your wounded heart speaking. And it has a tendency to exaggerate.

The End of a Relationship is Not…Read the rest at the Good Men Project


7 thoughts on “Rewriting the End of a Relationship

  1. I read this twice, it resonated. I oddly am still sorting through some of my relationships, including some with ex in-laws. Oddly, I was an outsider during my marriage, much be the design of my ex who I think was comfortable keeping me in the role of ‘evil’ wife. Now, with the divorce behind us, there are some of his family who have discovered I might not have been Evilin after all. Very strange.

      1. No, I don’t think so. Though I continue a very happy relationship with my wife-in-law (first ex wife of my now dead ex) she is also the mother of my step sons. They became my steps when they were 2 and 5 and are now are 34 and 37. It has been a long time since we were blended and stirred together. I have written about our odd family, built on love and trust. Even in my divorce I continued to share custody, with the youngest living with me.

        The rest, no. I think the pain I have let go of and there isn’t room to revisit.

          1. I write often about she and I and our sons, we are intentional. Have been for more than thirty years now. Through divorce two of them for me and one for her, we have stuck together. Strange isn’t it.

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