Three Powerful Lessons About Finding Love From An Unlikely Source

Because sometimes the way to learn to do something better is to start with what we already know… You know: Never go to the grocery store when hungry. When you succumb to the grocery store on an empty stomach, you’re possessed by a powerful drive to grab anything in your sight. You have a tendencyContinue reading “Three Powerful Lessons About Finding Love From An Unlikely Source”

The Subterfuge of Scarcity

I listened to an NPR podcast recently that explored the connection between poverty and the mental capacity for problem solving and planning for the future. On the one hand, the results of the research seem evident. After all, we all know that having money gives you the gift of not worrying about money. On theContinue reading “The Subterfuge of Scarcity”

How Yoga Can Help You Through Divorce

I rarely give the advice that people should do a certain thing. After all, we are all different with unique needs and situations. But today I’m making an exception. Because this one thing is really that transformative. If you give it a chance. Before I explain all of the reasons why yoga will improve your life,Continue reading “How Yoga Can Help You Through Divorce”

When the Divorce Doldrums Collide With the Winter Blues

Divorce is difficult no matter when it occurs. Yet somehow the cold, dark days of winter seem to amplify its effects. A perfect storm forming when the outer world reflects your inner one and when hibernation tends towards isolation. If you’re having trouble navigating your divorce while dealing with the seasonal blues, check out theseContinue reading “When the Divorce Doldrums Collide With the Winter Blues”