Do’s And Don’ts When Your Partner Withdraws

It can be quite painful when you sense that your partner is pulling away or retreating within. It’s easy to climb the panic ladder, following a trail of assumptions that determine that the withdrawal is a sign of a fatal condition. And yes, withdrawal is a sign. A sign that something is unbalanced in yourContinue reading “Do’s And Don’ts When Your Partner Withdraws”

“I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)

“I’m fine.” How many times have you declared those words? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more? And how many times were those utterances accurate, describing your well-being as exceptional? Thriving? Or, in the more modern use of the term, simply satisfactory? And how many times were they offered in reflex, in deflection or even as an outrightContinue reading ““I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)”

Understanding and Addressing Loneliness After Divorce

It has been postulated that loneliness is one of the primary epidemics of our age. Loneliness is much more complex then it may seem; the single person living alone may not be lonely while the married person constantly surrounded with others might be. Teenagers today, never far from their countless social media feeds, report feelingContinue reading “Understanding and Addressing Loneliness After Divorce”

Unmoored: Emotional Free Fall After Divorce

Brock and I watched the movie Gravity several months ago. Unusually for me, it gave me nightmares. Recurring nightmares. Several times a month, I would wake up after dreaming of myself in Sandra Bullock’s position – untethered, floating freely through space. Although my body was safely on the bed, my heart would be racing asContinue reading “Unmoored: Emotional Free Fall After Divorce”