“I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)

“I’m fine.” How many times have you declared those words? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more? And how many times were those utterances accurate, describing your well-being as exceptional? Thriving? Or, in the more modern use of the term, simply satisfactory? And how many times were they offered in reflex, in deflection or even as an outrightContinue reading ““I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)”

What to Expect In Your Teenager When You’re Divorcing

I had someone ask me earlier if I had any resources on kids during divorce. My first reaction was to say that, although I’m a child of divorce, I don’t really have any experience as the adult in that situation. But then I asked what grade the kid in question was in. And once IContinue reading “What to Expect In Your Teenager When You’re Divorcing”

If I Had Known This One Thing, I Would Have Divorced Differently

When I first hired my attorney, I was pursuing a divorce through publication (not that I even knew what that was until I was left with a text message and a husband that then disappeared). At that time, mere days after the tsunami, I had no idea what happened and no evidence other than theContinue reading “If I Had Known This One Thing, I Would Have Divorced Differently”

One Event Does Not Define You

It was parent conference week at my school this past week. It’s a week I always look forward to (even while I dread the long hours required). I love getting a chance to talk with the parents after I have been able to see their child’s strengths, weaknesses, celebrations and struggles. Most of the conversationsContinue reading “One Event Does Not Define You”