Why I Became a Tough Mudder

Brock and I did Tough Mudder in March of 2011. We had been together a little less than a year. It really was a transformative experience for our relationship and had a significant impact on my learning to trust again. We continue to do events together that require teamwork and perseverance. In fact, we haveContinue reading “Why I Became a Tough Mudder”

Why I Run – Pre-Marathon Update

I run not to get away,  but to get through. I run not to become out of breath, but to gain breath. I run to be social and I run for solitude. I run to connect and I run to disconnect. I run not to avoid work, but to inspire work. I run to feelContinue reading “Why I Run – Pre-Marathon Update”

Two-Faced July

July has the potential for being ugly to me.  July is the month of tough anniversaries, from the last full day I spent with my husband (7/4/09) to the last embrace with my husband (early morning 7/5/09) to the day my marriage ended (7/11/09) and the aftermath.  Oh, the bloody aftermath. As these dates spinContinue reading “Two-Faced July”