A Strange Place to Be

Note: If you are not familiar with my basic story, please read this first so you have some context. I received an email the other day from someone, let’s just call him P, proposing an opportunity that would be very beneficial for me as a writer (chugging away on the book every day!!!) and asContinue reading “A Strange Place to Be”

Sweat and Tears

The tears were close to the surface this morning. Tears of frustration born from his decisions nickel and diming away my future. Tears of anger at myself for falling for his swindle. Tears of shame at how I am perceived as I act as the face of his mess While he continues to run away.Continue reading “Sweat and Tears”

Dating After Divorce: When Are You Ready?

I wish I could devise a formula that would tell you when you are ready to date again: (Length of marriage)(# of months since the end of the marriage*) + (# of crying sessions)(# of explicatives used to describe the ex)    (# of therapy** hours) If this number <1, keep working on yourself; youContinue reading “Dating After Divorce: When Are You Ready?”