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9 Reasons People Stay in an Unhappy Marriage

Why would someone choose to stay in an unhappy marriage? I remember questioning my ex husband about his parent’s marriage while we were still teenagers – “They seem miserable. Why do you think they...

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Taking a Break From Marriage

I’m leaving my husband tomorrow. But don’t worry. I’ll return on Wednesday. This is my spring break week and since my husband is not in education, it’s a normal week for him. So instead...

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7 Vital Lessons Divorce Teaches Children

I was in elementary school when my parents divorced and my dad moved out. I remember being confused – how could a family suddenly be not-a-family? I was sad – not only did I...


Marital Climate vs. Marital Weather

It’s been an odd winter in the Southeast this year. We’ve had record rainfall and relatively moderate temperatures. The near-constant flooding has meant that most of the trails (many of which run alongside streams...


Beyond “Baggage” – Relationships After Divorce

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