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The Love You Find When You Struggle to Love Yourself

We’ve all heard it so much that it has become trite – “You have to love yourself before someone else can love you.” There’s truth in that statement because when we look for love...


Six Ways We Hurt the Ones We Love

My ex husband used to tell me, “I’ll never hurt you.” I knew it was bullshit. After all, the ones we love are also positioned to hurt us the most, even when it’s unintentional....


Freedom of Information

It’s been a rough week. I keep telling myself that things will settle down. Yet those things never seem to get the message. I’m usually the strong one. But right now, I’m feeling pretty...


10 Ways to Make Online Dating Suck a Little Less

Online dating can be awesome – you have a huge pool of potential dates to select from, you are able to screen for basic compatibility ahead of time and you can “meet” people while...


Divorce: Formulating Your Exit Strategy

Deciding to divorce is only the first step. Next, especially if you expect your partner to put up a fight, it’s critical to develop your exit strategy. Ensure Your Basic Needs Are Met Before...

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