Trigger Points

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  1. gemmautting says:

    Lisa – I am so impressed by your ability to see deeply into your own process, and to find words to describe it not only for yourself (and your relationship with Brock) but for others too. This is such a gift.

  2. I love this post. It gives me hope that I may be able to overcome these triggers and my reactions to them. I’ve attempted to date without success in the last year because of this particular issue. I’m not even at the awareness stage yet, which is why I’m choosing to take myself out of that scene entirely for now and get help.

    It infuriates me that he still has some level of control in my life! I know that I’m the one giving it to him. I hope in time, And with effort, I’ll be able to diminish the effects of this trauma!

    • I can completely relate to the feeling of control. That is part of what makes the triggers so bad – the fury that follows that he is still impacting my life. Use that anger as fuel to power your way through your work with your triggers.

      Best to you:)

  3. I feel sosimilar to you. Except my emotional triggers come from my husband. So tell me is it unfair of me to treat a 3 on rts as a 10? I guess that would be yes but then again I’m still learning how to survive in a marriage like mine. One where the love is one sided most of the time and the hate is in the air all the time. It gets better with the passing days. Well see what happens… Maybe I’ll open up a little in my next blog.

  4. mommabella3 says:

    I know both types of trigger points well. I love how you tied the two of them together…great post 🙂

  5. I realize this is an older post. But it’s timing perfection. I am slowly testing the waters and facing the avoided triggers slowly. Trying my hardest to not over react. Exposure and non avoidance are the only ways forward. Or you will be stuck. I am still very much trugging the swamp, but slowly making my way to solid ground. Some days are tougher than others for sure. I hate so much how this healing seems to be dragging it’s feet. I am not a very patient person. But I read and hear that it may take years to reach a place of contentment or acceptance. I guess I just need to continue to ride the waves……thank you once again for sharing your experience.

    • 🙂

      I’m not patient either. Unfortunately, healing doesn’t care about our timetables. It’s always later than we want!

      Keep walking towards that solid ground! You’ll get there:)

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