Finding Yourself When You’ve Lost Your Compass

I went on a hike the other day with an amazing group of people. One of the women was not an outdoor person and so before she headed off, her loved ones gave her some tips, including, “Make sure you have a compass.” I found her rotating her compass until she located true north and thenContinue reading “Finding Yourself When You’ve Lost Your Compass”

Three Lies We All Tell Ourselves

“I Would Never Do That” “If you were in a survival situation, you would not only eat meat, you would crave it,” declared my husband in a conversation about choices made in life-or-death circumstances. Intellectually, I knew he was right. The body’s drive for survival easily overrides any normal aversion I have towards animal flesh.Continue reading “Three Lies We All Tell Ourselves”

Past Perspectives

My husband recently had someone from his past get in touch with him after 20 years. The results have been interesting. It’s made my husband reflect back upon a time in his life where he normally doesn’t trek along memory lane. I’ve enjoyed listening to the stories of the experiences that helped to turn theContinue reading “Past Perspectives”

Beneath the Uniform

Last Sunday found me curled up on the sofa next to Brock, my trusty laptop in my hands, watching the Braves lose to Detroit while I Googled, “Naked baseball players.” Perhaps an explanation is needed here. I didn’t really want to see naked baseball players; I was looking for baseball players in their underwear. StayContinue reading “Beneath the Uniform”