Feel Like A Man

One of the moments when I loved my now-husband the most is when I witnessed him slide a BB gun into a man’s hands, propping the barrel on the porch railing where it was aimed for some cans. Although no words were spoken, I understood his motivation. He wanted his friend, weak and shaky fromContinue reading “Feel Like A Man”

Show Them the Door

You find an uninvited man standing in your living room. He’s not saying or doing anything. Just standing there. What do you do?   Do you pretend that there is no man standing in your living quarters as you go about your daily life denying that he is there? Do you insist that there shouldn’t beContinue reading “Show Them the Door”

Ever Been Told, “You Shouldn’t Feel That Way?”

You shouldn’t feel that way. Get over it. You’re overreacting. Have you ever heard any of those statements? Those remarks that leave you angry and confused. Hackles up, yet questioning if the other person is right? Why do people make those remarks? Is it out of ignorance or attack? Are they trying to help orContinue reading “Ever Been Told, “You Shouldn’t Feel That Way?””

Psychology May be a Soft Science, But She Drives a Hard Bargain

I used to think that I could reason my way through anything.  I viewed psychology and the other soft sciences with derision, much preferring the absolutes of the harder sciences and mathematics.  I thought I could if-then my way through anything, repair any damage with deduction, and apply analytical reasoning to solve any dilemma. IContinue reading “Psychology May be a Soft Science, But She Drives a Hard Bargain”