Are You Tired of Hearing, “It Will Be Okay”?

“It will be okay” is sometimes a platitude, uttered in ignorance by people who have not ever tried on your shoes, much less walked in them. And that pat phrase, along with its twin, “You’re never given more than you can handle,” can spark ire in the one who is in the midst of theContinue reading “Are You Tired of Hearing, “It Will Be Okay”?”

Is Living After An Unwanted Divorce Worth It?

“Is living after an unwanted divorce worth it?” That particular search string has been leading people to my blog these past few weeks. And every time I see it, I feel a pull to reach out to them and a twinge because I cannot. But if I could somehow identify the struggling soul on theContinue reading “Is Living After An Unwanted Divorce Worth It?”

“I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)

“I’m fine.” How many times have you declared those words? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more? And how many times were those utterances accurate, describing your well-being as exceptional? Thriving? Or, in the more modern use of the term, simply satisfactory? And how many times were they offered in reflex, in deflection or even as an outrightContinue reading ““I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)”

I Feel Sad

Are you feeling sad after divorce? Divorce is a death of a marriage. A death of the future. A death of your present. And, in some cases, a death of the past you thought you had. Like any death, there is an intense sense of loss. Of mourning. I remember feeling the aching void leftContinue reading “I Feel Sad”