10 Ways Dating is Like Shopping For a New Wardrobe

  1 – You know those items you bought because they represented who you want to be seen as or because they were marked on sale only to languish in the back of the closet because they never were really quite right? It’s easy to do with people too – to drift into a relationshipContinue reading “10 Ways Dating is Like Shopping For a New Wardrobe”

Ten Easy Communication Hacks For Your Marriage

Scan any list about the most important elements of a happy marriage and effective communication will be somewhere between “shared values” and “physical intimacy.” Its ubiquitous inclusion is not because relationship writers are lazy. It’s because communication truly is key in any relationship. Especially one where you face each other every day prior to morningContinue reading “Ten Easy Communication Hacks For Your Marriage”

What Do You Owe Your Spouse?

A reader emailed me, describing his unhappiness in his marriage. He asked if he owed it to his wife to stay in the relationship. My answer? No. Staying in a relationship solely out of a sense of obligation is a breeding ground for resentment and contempt. The marriage may last, but not in a formContinue reading “What Do You Owe Your Spouse?”

Can You Trust Your Partner?

Trust is a big deal to me. I thought I could trust my ex. After all, I had known him since high school, had unrestricted access to his iPhone and he followed through with his promises. Oh, except those that had to do with not stealing from your spouse or marrying more than one personContinue reading “Can You Trust Your Partner?”