How Long Should You Wait For Promised Change?

“He promised he would change. But he’s still the same. I can’t go on like this.” “She said she was going to be different, but it hasn’t happened yet. How long do I wait?” One of the harder places to be in any relationship is waiting for the other person to follow through with promisedContinue reading “How Long Should You Wait For Promised Change?”

Change is Never Easy, But it Can Be Easier

It’s not just seasons changing in these parts. The school where I’ve worked for the past five years has become swollen. Overripe and bursting with more kids than the building was designed to hold. And so it’s being cleaved and the excess is being funneled into a new school, opening next fall. My first reactionContinue reading “Change is Never Easy, But it Can Be Easier”

How Teaching 8th Grade Helped Me Through Divorce

“I don’t get it,” one of my coworkers said to me the other day, “All of a sudden I have a bunch of kids failing that have always been A or B students!” “That’s normal this time of year,” I explained, “As high school looms ever closer, some of them express their fear through self-sabotage.Continue reading “How Teaching 8th Grade Helped Me Through Divorce”

Post-Divorce Growing Pains

I spend my days working with adolescents and my evenings working with the recently divorced. And apart from the taste in music, I increasingly find that the two groups share many growing pains as they navigate one of life’s major transitions. Both teenagers and the recently divorced are: Learning to Be Independent The teenagers IContinue reading “Post-Divorce Growing Pains”