The Person Behind the Story

Today I had the honor of meeting one of the bloggers whose work I admire. I was able to put a face with a name. A voice with the words. A person with the story. It’s strange meeting a blogging buddy for the first time. In some ways, you know their most intimate tales. Yet,Continue reading “The Person Behind the Story”

Lessons From the Beginning

One of my Twitter followers asked me if I was going to rename my blog, Lessons From the Beginning of a Remarriage now that I am going to be married again. She continued by noting how it had to be strange promoting a book about divorce while I was preparing to wed. I love theContinue reading “Lessons From the Beginning”

Maximizing Potential

I have two passions when it comes to writing – relationships and wellness. I’ve been blending them on this site since the beginning and I maintained a wellness newsletter for a time. I dropped the newsletter when I became busier and did not have time for the painstaking formatting process every week. And, on thisContinue reading “Maximizing Potential”

A Blogger’s Lament: A Note to WordPress

It feels like you’ve gone from alpha to beta, From starting string to sideline player. The changes you’ve made (meant to improve) Have knocked me out of my blogging groove. The colors, the scale, the overall tools Feels like something designed by and for Playschool. My posts, which I used to find with a clickContinue reading “A Blogger’s Lament: A Note to WordPress”