Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Makes it Worse

At this point, the only real regret I have about my first marriage was that I didn’t know. Not about the financial and sexual infidelity (although it would have been nice to have had some insider information!). And not even about his plan to leave and secure another wife. I regret that I didn’t knowContinue reading “Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Makes it Worse”

The Dark Passenger

Sometimes I wish I could talk to my ex. Not the man of now, whoever and wherever he is. Nor the man that sent the text that ended the marriage. But the man I was married to several years ago. The man that was sliding on that slippery slope to utter destruction yet still seemedContinue reading “The Dark Passenger”


1991 Almost 22 years ago, I entered the halls of Clark High School as a new freshman. Like the others, I was excited to leave behind the insular world of middle school. I looked forward to the more challenging and personalized classes. I was thrilled about the additional freedoms. And I was particularly enthusiastic aboutContinue reading “Serendipity”

What is He?

At the beginning, I looked for a label. I needed a label. I read The Sociopath Next Door. I combed the DSM. I held his history and his traits against checklists until my eyes blurred. I wanted a label because I thought it would bring understanding. Closure. I knew he wasn’t the man I loved.Continue reading “What is He?”