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The Life You Had is Gone

“The life you had is gone.” I would tell myself as a lament and in an attempt to force acceptance. “You now have the opportunity to create a new life.” I would continue, in...


Ten Life Events That Can Trigger Unexpected Grief

On Friday we said goodbye to a dear friend of my husband’s. The grief was thick in the air as we shared stories and perused old photos. (An aside – I think listening to...


10 Empowering Thoughts to Hold Onto When It’s All Falling Apart


Does Time Heal All Wounds?

When people contact me early in their divorce experience, the edges still rough and the emotions raw, I often find myself saying, “It’s early still. Give it some time.” It’s counsel I hate to...

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A Message For Those Who Are Feeling Hopeless

Sorry the volume is so quiet! ​   ​

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