Opportunities to Gain Perspective

We returned late last night from our 3rd annual ski trip. I love the sound of that. Not so much the “ski trip,” although I find that pretty amazing since I always saw that as something other people do, but the “our 3rd annual.” One of the most healing aspects in a second life isContinue reading “Opportunities to Gain Perspective”

Growth Mindset in Marriage

“I can’t do math.” These are often the first words out of my incoming students’ lips when I first meet them each August. “Then I’m going to make it my personal goal for the year to show you that you can,” I always respond with an encouraging smile. Because before I can teach them math,Continue reading “Growth Mindset in Marriage”

A Compilation of Lessons

It’s often amazing what we can learn simply by being observant and curious. Here is a compilation of some of my best lessons from some of the most unlikely of sources. From my Vibram 5 Finger Running Shoes: It’s Better to Feel What is Around You In regular running shoes, the thick outer sole preventsContinue reading “A Compilation of Lessons”

In Perpetuity

“Mom, what does ‘in perpetuity’ mean?” I asked from the backseat as we drove by an intown San Antonio theater advertising Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday 10 pm  with the unfamiliar words posted beneath. “It means it keeps repeating, going on without end.” “So they show that same movie every Friday? That’s dumb,” I concludedContinue reading “In Perpetuity”