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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Getting Away With Bigamy

Bigamy is in the news again. A Washington man recently pleaded guilty to bigamy after his first wife discovered the second on Facebook. Every time bigamy hits the headlines, I have an uptick in searches that lead to my blog. People seem to have two main questions: “How do I get away with bigamy?” andContinue reading “Getting Away With Bigamy”

Power In a Story

I used to let my story tell me. I was the first wife of the bigamist. I was the woman whose husband left with a text message. I was the runner who could barely walk after my world was washed away with a tsunami divorce. I used to let my story tell me. Until IContinue reading “Power In a Story”

The Book is Out!

You can now find my book on Amazon! The rest of my unbelievable story! More lessons! More metaphors! Check it out! The book is currently available on Kindle. I will be working on the print and Nook versions soon. Thank you to everyone that supported and encouraged me along this journey:)

A Strange Place to Be

Note: If you are not familiar with my basic story, please read this first so you have some context. I received an email the other day from someone, let’s just call him P, proposing an opportunity that would be very beneficial for me as a writer (chugging away on the book every day!!!) and asContinue reading “A Strange Place to Be”

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