Progressive Resistance

On your first day stepping foot in a gym, you’re probably not going to try to pick up these.     More likely, you assess your starting point and gravitate towards some weights that will challenge you a little. But not too much. Maybe something like this:) As time progresses and you become stronger, those little weightsContinue reading “Progressive Resistance”

Be A Hill Climber

When I trained for my marathon a couple years ago, I made a big mistake. Before the official race training began, I would run 20-25 miles per week on the roads and trails around my house. Some days, I would run long and flat whiles others would be shorter yet much hillier. As the trainingContinue reading “Be A Hill Climber”

How Long is Your Marathon?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately and it always make me shake my head and smile. Those are about the only smiles associated with the marathon at the moment. It turns out the nagging little virus I had a couple weeks ago was actually the beginning of pneumonia. I ended up taking aContinue reading “How Long is Your Marathon?”