Are You Wondering if You Tried Hard Enough to Save Your Marriage?

Have you reached the conclusion that your marriage is over yet you are still questioning your decision? Are you haunted by the thought that maybe you didn’t try hard enough to save your marriage and that you were too hasty in pronouncing it dead? Are you experiencing guilt surrounding your decision to divorce, especially asContinue reading “Are You Wondering if You Tried Hard Enough to Save Your Marriage?”

What “I Need Space” Really Means

“I need space.” Whether you have been on the receiving end of these words or you have uttered them to your partner, they are three of the most uncomfortable words in a relationship. They are loaded words, filled to the brim with uncertainty and fear. They may signal a time of transition and renewal orContinue reading “What “I Need Space” Really Means”

A Divorce Proposal

I think we can all agree that ending a marriage should require at least a conversation. But that doesn’t always happen. All too often, because of cowardice, denial or just plain dirtbaggery, one partner makes the decision unilaterally and simply walks out the door with hardly a “good bye.” And for the one left behind, theContinue reading “A Divorce Proposal”