Mindfulness is a Highlighter

Do you turn your gaze when you receive a shot?  Dream of a tropical island while you are on the dentist’s chair?  Imagine walking on the beach while you are crushed into the seats in coach for a cross-country flight?  Our minds are so good at these little disconnections, these travels away from the currentContinue reading “Mindfulness is a Highlighter”

Taming the Monkey Mind: Day 13

Today was a day I was very thankful to have meditation in my toolkit.  I had to go to mediation today to clear up one of my ex’s messes.  Now, to help you understand how stressed this makes me, I’ll tell you a couple embarrassing facts about myself.  First, I suffer from anxiety when IContinue reading “Taming the Monkey Mind: Day 13”

Detox Your Mind in 5-Minutes: The Power of Quantum Cleansing

Since the divorce, I feel like I’ve done a better job of living with macro-mindfulness; I no longer live my life on autopilot.  I still have room (a LOT of room!) for improvement in the area of micro-mindfulness, being present in the smaller moments.  This is especially true for me at work, where it isContinue reading “Detox Your Mind in 5-Minutes: The Power of Quantum Cleansing”