What Are Boundaries in Personal Relationships?

Parenting can help us learn about boundaries. Imagine a family with a young child. In this household, the rule is, “No cookies until after dinner.” The child, as children do, continually tests this rule. “Maybe if I scream loudly enough, I’ll get that cookie”, they think. They push and poke to see what they canContinue reading “What Are Boundaries in Personal Relationships?”

Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love

I’ve always considered myself a smart person. And so, when I was confronted with the harsh reality of how stupid I was in my first marriage, it was a tough reality to accept. How could I be SO dumb when it comes to love? 1 – Smart People Are Still Subject to the Addictive NatureContinue reading “Six Reasons Smart People Are Dumb in Love”

The (Unspoken) Truth About Marriage

When asked about the state of their union, people often feel like they have to defer to one of two responses: “It’s all good,” or, “It’s over.” Yet the reality is that most marriages spend much of their time between these two extremes. Where some things are good, some areas are taut with tension andContinue reading “The (Unspoken) Truth About Marriage”

How We Act When We’re Afraid of Losing Someone

I remember that day vividly. My then-husband was in Brazil, supposedly on a work trip. I was at home and unable to reach him when he failed to return to Atlanta at the anticipated time. As the panic rose, I alternated between frantically looking for information on the internet (Was there a plane crash? AContinue reading “How We Act When We’re Afraid of Losing Someone”