Feel Like A Man

One of the moments when I loved my now-husband the most is when I witnessed him slide a BB gun into a man’s hands, propping the barrel on the porch railing where it was aimed for some cans. Although no words were spoken, I understood his motivation. He wanted his friend, weak and shaky fromContinue reading “Feel Like A Man”

It’s Nice to Be Important

Not long after we started dating, I accompanied my teenage boyfriend to his grandfather’s funeral. I had never met nor heard anything about the deceased; my first impression came from the pastor’s opening lines: “It’s important to be nice, but it’s more important to be important.” Surprised at the mutilation of the common quote, IContinue reading “It’s Nice to Be Important”

Dishonorable Mention

“What’s your biggest fear?” I asked my teenage boyfriend as we lay side by side on the top of a picnic table, looking up at the night sky ablaze with unmolested stars. His body, once subtle and molded to mine, became firm, rigid even with anger and intent, as he replied, “Turning into my father.”Continue reading “Dishonorable Mention”