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Digital Dumps

So, I guess ending a relationship via text is now an acceptable thing. At least that’s what this article from Psychology Today seems to suggest. The piece calls ending it via text “tacky,” yet...


Be A Hill Climber

When I trained for my marathon a couple years ago, I made a big mistake. Before the official race training began, I would run 20-25 miles per week on the roads and trails around...


So Last Year, This Happened

So last year, this happened. And it wasn’t pretty. My first reaction was more shock than anything. And it got worse before it got better. That night was the longest I had endured in...



I’ve witnessed an uptick in home renovations over the past several weeks. Home Depot is busier than ever, dumpsters fill area driveways and signs advertising handymen are planted amongst the flowers in many of...


Knight in Shining Armor

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