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  1. I am reading The Power of Habit and it discusses these very things. Shockingly primal how habits become ingrained.

  2. I think we all put ourselves into these life habits, Just by reading your blog there I though of about 20 habits I do that are similar, small things I did not realise I was doing 🙂

    Great blog xx

    • I wonder what the daily total would be for all of us if we really broke it down? Hundreds? Thousands? Yikes!

      • Scary, weird thought eh 🙂
        Is everything we do habit? So complex in nature we will never understand it?
        Get your head around this.
        Will your answer be random, or chance, or exactly what would be expected of you (That I would not know about, only you)

        How deep do these habits go..

        We should do a study at once


  3. blogventer says:

    Thank you for this post; it’s encouraging. I’m on the cusp of a few major changes in my life, and am nervous about my ability to change into the new routines. But if I look at them as old and new habits, as you’ve discussed here, it becomes more manageable. For instance, I’m job-hunting, after having been a stay-at-home mom for 14 years. I wake up early enough (5 a.m.), but my morning routine takes me until 9 a.m. until I’m finally “starting” my day. (Workouts, taking kids to school, breakfast, laundry, showering, etc.) But I need to figure out how to streamline/make changes so that I can be at a job by (whenever?). Your post helped me wrap my mind around this process; I’ve been stressing. But I can do this. I can do this!

  4. Interestingly I was reading that it takes 21 days to make a habit stick. Why 21 and not 20 or 23, I do not know; however, I do find that time period is about right as far as keeping up healthy habits.
    Good luck with breaking the starbucks treat!

  5. I love how you used science in your process!! I was just thinking of the concept but couldn’t find a good word to express it!! I feel like that the homeostasis you referred to is often where I get stuck, and what kept me in an abusive relationship for 16 years. The fear of learning a new way to walk can be daunting.

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