Of Teddy Bears and Security Systems

For most of my married life, I felt secure. I had a husband that I trusted. I owned a home and had been at the same job for many years. I felt comfortable in my life; I trusted that change, if desired, would come from intention. It was predictable and I liked that. If youContinue reading “Of Teddy Bears and Security Systems”

One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

  The song tells us that one is the loneliest number.   The song lies.   Because two has the potential to be lonelier than one could ever be.   When you’re one – alone and single – you know your position. You harbor no false hopes of connection. You carry no expectations of companionship.Continue reading “One Isn’t the Loneliest Number”

During Divorce: Make New Friends but Keep the Old

It is normal for your marriage to be at the center of your social life. You have a built-in activity partner. You share friends. The “plus one” is expected when you receive an invitation. And then the marriage dies. Your go-to is gone. The mutual friends may be divvied up like a bag of Skittles,Continue reading “During Divorce: Make New Friends but Keep the Old”