4 Budget-Friendly Finds That Help Tame Stress

I’m anxiously watching the weather, hoping my county will call off school for Wednesday. Not because I really care about a day off (especially because we just switch to an online platform for classes), but because we had almost the exact same not-too-threatening forecast two years ago. When I ended up being one of theContinue reading “4 Budget-Friendly Finds That Help Tame Stress”

Pushing the Reset Button On Stress – Five Steps to Help You Unwind

I’m no stranger to stress. As a Type-A+ person geared towards anxiety in a fast-paced and often stressful job, I’ve had to get adept at taking my body and brain from “Argh!” to “Ahhh” in the most efficient way possible. Over the years, I’ve played around with various strategies for downshifting after a long dayContinue reading “Pushing the Reset Button On Stress – Five Steps to Help You Unwind”

When Are You Safe In Marriage?

Imagine stepping onto a baseball field and up to bat. You connect with the ball and begin your run around the bases. So when would you be safe? When could you relax a little, knowing that the umpire couldn’t declare you out? When could you be assured that the run would be completed and youContinue reading “When Are You Safe In Marriage?”