My Motivation

People keep telling me I’m brave to share my story. I don’t see that. Living through it was the hard part. This is the gravy. Within days of receiving the text, I got online and searched for answers and support. Most sites offered me nothing. They discussed how to have an amicable divorce (yeah… somehowContinue reading “My Motivation”

Time Travel

I’ve been time traveling lately. I should have known this was a risk when I picked up the audio version of The Time Traveler’s Wife from the local library to carry me to and from work. I guess the book should have come with a warning label that time travel is a possible side effect.Continue reading “Time Travel”

Dangerous Cargo

      From the book, Lessons From the End of a Marriage:   Summer 2010 A year passed. Anniversaries knocked against my still-fragile mind like branches against an unsheltered window in a storm. Three hundred and sixty-six days after I lost my husband, I again stood in front of the security line at Atlanta’sContinue reading “Dangerous Cargo”