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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

9 Ways Comparison Steals Your Joy (And How to Take It Back)

Comparison. We all do it. We see our friends’ vacation pictures on Facebook and suddenly feel worse about our own travels. Instead of celebrating our promotion, we focus on how we still don’t make as much as the guy down the street. We enjoy our home renovation until we enter a more upscale home, atContinue reading “9 Ways Comparison Steals Your Joy (And How to Take It Back)”

Let Go (But Never Give Up!)

Life is a balance of effort and ease. Of fighting and surrender. We’re told to “never give up” and also guided to “let go.” So which is it? Should we dig in our heels, strengthen our resolve and keep working at it? Increasing the pressure in an effort to move the pistons. Or, should weContinue reading “Let Go (But Never Give Up!)”

Goodbye Perfect

My new car has its first battle wound. A 4-inch scrape on the rear quarter panel that I spotted after work on Thursday. My first response was disbelief, how could this laceration be there? Yet its reality was confirmed when it failed to rub off with an improvised buff from the corner of my jacket.Continue reading “Goodbye Perfect”

The Perils of Magical Thinking

My mom recently attended a conference on emotional manipulators that addressed how to recognize them and how to help their victims recover. Knowing that the topic hit close to home for me, she shared some of the conference literature. As with everything I read about pathological characteristics, some of the points fit my ex likeContinue reading “The Perils of Magical Thinking”

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