Sometimes It’s About What You Can Reach

I was engaged in my usual Sunday cook-a-thon last week when I faced a small dilema.   I wanted the smoked paprika (fancy, I know) for the recipe, but it was out of reach.  I keep this particular item on the top shelf of the spice cabinet due to its infrequent use.  Normally, I simply climbContinue reading “Sometimes It’s About What You Can Reach”

10 Things My Vibrams Taught Me About Relationships

My minimalist barefoot-style  running shoes have taught me about running and, in turn, about relationships.  Here is what I have learned: 1)  It’s Better to Feel What is Around You In regular running shoes, the thick outer sole prevents any contact between your foot and the ground; you are barely even aware of the differentContinue reading “10 Things My Vibrams Taught Me About Relationships”

Five Signs You’ve Been Raised by a Therapist

1) The love  seat in the living room was the de facto “therapy couch.” 2) Once you finished reading all the Judy Blume books,you proceeded to the DSM. 3) Instead of being grounded, your punishment consisted of talking about it.  For hours. 4) You used “I” statements to talk your parents into letting you doContinue reading “Five Signs You’ve Been Raised by a Therapist”