Gear Check

I had some shopping to do yesterday.  I had credits and coupons for Sports Authority and REI and I intended to put them to good use in preparation of upcoming adventures. The sporting goods store was the first on my list.  I have signed up for my first marathon in November and I had twoContinue reading “Gear Check”

On the Trail

I became one with the trail today.  Vibrams landing lightly on the packed earth, not scaring away the wildlife.  Clear lake peaking out through the trees, providing psychic coolness in the unusual early spring heat.  Ears bare, open to the sounds of the park.  I love runs like these, the synergy of body, mind andContinue reading “On the Trail”

10 Things My Vibrams Taught Me About Relationships

My minimalist barefoot-style  running shoes have taught me about running and, in turn, about relationships.  Here is what I have learned: 1)  It’s Better to Feel What is Around You In regular running shoes, the thick outer sole prevents any contact between your foot and the ground; you are barely even aware of the differentContinue reading “10 Things My Vibrams Taught Me About Relationships”