How Yoga Can Help You Through Divorce

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  1. Maybe I should get my grumpy ass boyfriend to try it. Sort of surreptitious mood enhancing – I just won’t tell him it’s good for him.

  2. Cassy says:

    I started yoga in May and immediately noticed its positive effects. While the physical movements stretch my body after being sedentary in my job, the movements calm my racing mind and help me relax, and my nightmares and night sweats disappear. (Great job of getting into crow!)

  3. flynorth says:

    I’ve been wanting to explore yoga for a while, but I live in the middle of the prairies with no access to classes: could you recommend a youtube video for a ‘new-to-yoga-but-fairly-active’ person?

  4. I already love yoga! It haas been a Godsend during this hell ride called divorce. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I started a yoga practice as my marriage started coming to pieces, and I have found it to be almost the only thing to give me back my head space. Fast forward a little, and I’m registered for a yoga/writing retreat in the south of France this summer. It has been a saving grace for sure.

  6. Nature62 says:

    I have done yoga for 12 years( still not very good at it). My yoga teacher gave me a heart chakra meditation cd. That and yoga has helped tremendously getting through my recent, unwanted separation and divorce.

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